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A Contract is Package Deal


During negotiations the two sides' teams agree to not discuss individual items with the public or the membership. A contract is considered a package deal.  Individual items go into a package, are discussed throughout talks, but are not settled as separate items. Rather they are bargained together.  It's true, some minor items are signed off, but usually with other things.  It thwarts the process to discuss items in the news media, or social media, or at a coffee shop.  What is vital, is that the two teams meet on a regular, productive basis.


The Federation knows that compromise is necessary to settle negotiations.  The agreement has to be balanced, and no one should want an agreement that is not fair and equitable.

The BPFT negotiating team maintains an open, good-faith willingness to meet as often as necessary to find a fair and equitable contract and solve the current dispute.


Paraprofessionals/Aides/Secretaries Units Not On Strike


  • The paraprofessionals, aides and the 10-month secretaries are not on strike.  The District informed them that their services were not needed for the duration of the strike, and they were told not to report for work.   


  • Therefore, senior students who require special services provided by paraprofessional and aides are not attending school.


  • The 12-month secreataries are working at the schools.



On Salary Scale


  • Starting salary for a Bethel Park Teacher with a bachelor's degree is $45,700.


  • Average teaching salary for teachers with less than 17 years of service ranging from bachelor's degree to master's degree scale is $51,241. Currently 67% of the Bethel Park School District professional staff is working below Step 17.



By the Numbers


  • 219 members of the Bethel Park Federation of Teachers live in Bethel Park.


  • 138 children of our teachers attend Bethel Park Schools.


  • 66 members of the Bethel Park Federation of Teachers coach sports in the District


  • 330 have their masters degree or doctorate (see more on this below)


  • 96 teachers hold additional certifications



We Never Stop Learning


  • At least 61 teachers are working in a master’s degree program. There are 330 teachers that have obtained their master’s degree and 22 of those have received 30 credits beyond their master’s degree. an additional 4 teachers have obtained their Ph.D.


  • Currently dozens of our teachers are still in graduate school working on additional certifications or advanced degrees.


  • Currently the BPSD does not provide tuition reimbursement for teachers to gain doctorates, nor does it provide tuition reimbursement for certifications, like National Board Certification, besides degree programs.


  • All public school teachers start their careers in Pennsylvania with Instructional I Certification, and are required to obtain 24 postgraduate credits to obtain Instructional II certification within the first six years of teaching. Under the current agreement teachers must pay for the first 12 credits and then BPSD will reimburse up to $330 per credit until completion of a master’s degree (e.g. costs of U of Pitt $701/credit) (Cal U $387/credit). Reimbursement does not include any fees or books. No reimbursement is available past master’s degree.


  • All of our teachers spend 180 hours in Act 48 eligible professional development, course work, or in-service every five years in order to maintain their certification.


  • One teacher has National Board Certification, another has completed her portfolio, and several are NBCT candidates this year.




Our Own Education Represents Breadth and Depth


Our teachers come from rich, varied traditions of top educational institutions. You'll find some of the best universities in the world in our list of alma maters, schools known for teacher training and for in-depth study in specific disciplines. The end result is Bethel Park students benefit from their teachers' solid background, training, and expertise in their subject areas.

Acadia University
Allegheny College
Baldwin Wallace College 
Conservatory of Music
Bethany College
Bloomsburg University
Bowling Green University
California University of Pennsylvania
Carlow University
Carnegie Mellon University
Chatham College
Clarion University
Clemson University
Daemen College
Dalhousie University
Duquesne University
East Stroudsburg State College
Eastern Kentucky University
Eckerd College
Edinboro University
Elizabethtown College
Florida Presbyterian College
Gannon University
Geneva College
Gettysburg College
Glenville State College
Grove City College
Hillsdale College
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Johns Hopkins University
Kent State University
La Roche College
Lewis University
Liberty University
Lincoln College
Louisiana State University
Loyola University
Macalester College
Marquette University
Marshall University
Mercyhurst College
Miami University of Ohio
Middlebury College 
Bread Loaf School of English          
Montgomery College

Mount Aloysius College
New York University
Newton College
Nova-Southeastern University
Oakland University Michigan
Oberlin College
Ohio State University
Oxford University
Pennsylvania State University
Point Park University
Rhode Island College
Robert Morris University
Saint Francis University
Saint Vincent College
Saint Vincent College
Seton Hill University
Shippensburg University 
Slippery Rock University
South Side Nursing School
Southern Illinois University
Thiel University
Universidad de Alcala
University College Northampton
University North Carolina
University of Chicago
University of Connecticut
University of Detroit
University of Ghana
University of Madrid
University of Maryland
University of Pittsburgh
University of South Florida
Vander Cook College of Music
Victoria University of Wellington
Walden University
Washington & Jefferson College
Wayne State University
Waynesburg University
West Liberty University
West Virginia University
West Virginia Wesleyan College
Westminster College
Wheeling Jesuit Univer


We Never Stop Caring 


In addition to teaching and coaching our students, Federation members provide community service outreach through many, many organizations such as:

Autism Walk
Big Brothers, Big Sisters
Boy Scouts
Caring fund

Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh
Challenge Baseball
Cystic Fibrosis
Food Bank
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Fight for the Cure
Habitat for Humanity
KDKA Free Care Fund
Light of Life Mission
Multiple Sclerosis
National Cancer Society
Police Pals
Rainbow Soup Kitchen
SHIM -- South Hills Interfaith Ministries
Special Olympics
Genesis House of Pittsburgh
United Way
Valentines for Veterans
Zimbabwe Support


Research on Class Size


Again and again, studies show lower class size improves teaching and learning.

  • We've known for years that smaller classes makes sense for these reasons:

    • Class size is strongly related to pupil achievement
    • Smaller classes are more conducive to improved pupil performance than larger classes
    • Smaller classes provide more opportunities to adapt learning programs and differentiate to individual student needs
    • Pupils in small classes have more interest in learning
      Teacher morale is higher in smaller classes lending to a positive learning atmosphere for students

                 --School Class Size: Research And Policy, 1982.

  • Smaller Class correlate to High Test Scores

A definitive study published by the U.S. Department of Education recently looked at the achievement levels of students in 2,561 schools across the nation, as measured by their performance on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) exams.  The sample included at least 50 schools in each state, including those from large and small, urban and rural, affluent and poor areas.  After accounting for differences in student backgrounds, the only objective factor that was found to be correlated with higher student success as measured by test scores was class size. -- School-Level Correlates of Academic Achievement: Student Assessment Scores in SASS Public Schools. U.S. Department of Education, 2000.

  • Class size matters most for students who need the most help

A study conducted by researchers at the University of London Institute of Education were able to prove that "students tend to be on task more of the time in smaller classes. " In addition, they discovered that an addition of five students to a class decreases the odds that students will remain on task by almost 25 percent. Low-achieving students were almost twice as likely to be disengaged from the instruction if there were 30 students in the room compared with a class half that size. -- "International Studies Add to Body of Class-Size Research." American Teacher.  1 May 2008.