Bethel Park

Federation of Teachers

Paraprofessionals and Aides Educational Support Unit Officers

President -- Jan Sterrett

    Vice-President -- Sandy Blackmore

More than 115 paraprofessionals and aides work in the Bethel Park Schools. From the moment a student get off the bus at school until the moment he or she boards the bus to go home, we paraprofessionals and aides are part of the educational team. We are working to ensure the success of all students.

Often considered the invisible workforce, paraprofessionals and aides are an integral part of the students' educational experience working as active participants in the students' school day. Although paraprofessionals and aides have varied backgrounds and experiences, all possess the dedication and knowledge to assist students in achieving their maximum potential as successful students. The BPFT Paraprofessionals and Aides Educational Support Unit is a valuable asset to the school district, and we are proud to be members of the educational team.

Did You Know?

  • Our Special Education Paraeducators work closely with Learning Support, Behavioral/Emotional Support, Autistic, Support, Life Skills Support, and Learning Skills students in all classroom situations, reinforcing concepts and supporting the special needs population.

  • Computer Paraprofessionals ensure that technology is operational for daily classroom and supplemental use.

  • Instructional Aides prepare learning materials and assist teachers in instructional-related tasks.

  • Health Room Aides administer basic first aid/emergency treatment and keep accurate state-mandated health records for the students.

  • Attendance Aides compile state attendance records, issue early releases, and serves as a contact for parents with attendance issues.

  • Library Aides keep educational materials organized and available for use.

  • Records Aides process students' college/scholarship applications and maintain accurate transcripts for each student.

  • More than 80% of the members of this Educational Support Unit live and work in the Bethel Park School District, and their children and grandchildren attend various schools in the district.

  • Many hold college degrees, and several are pursuing additional education in order to obtain teaching degrees.

  • Our paraprofessionals and aides have an average of 10.5 years of service working with students in the Bethel Park School District.

 Secretarial Unit Officers

    President -- Cindy Stalder

    Vice-President -- Becky Rusciolelli

The Secretary Unit in the Bethel Park Federation of Teachers represents 21 women who work in all of the Bethel Park Schools.  We are usually the initial contact person for residents when they call or visit a school.  The secretary is the "go-to" person when parents, staff, and students need help. We work as assistants for the principals. We are secretaries for the counseling offices, records office, middle school and high school library, activity office and athletics. We are proud to be a member unit of the BPFT and part of the educational team.

Did you know?

  • About 80% of us live in Bethel Park.

  • Of the current employees, several attended Bethel Park School District; and all but one had their children and grand children in Bethel Park School District.

  • Our most senior secretary is in her 35th year with Bethel Park. The average secretary has twelve years of experience.

  • More than half of us have attended college and technical school, and three of us hold college degrees.