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Welcome to the official website of the Bethel Park Federation of Teachers, a local chapter of the American Federation of Teachers, a Union of Professionals, serving the Bethel Park School District in our community of Bethel Park, Pennsylvania.





For our community, during the work stoppage.







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Professional Reading


As a union of professionals, we recognize the importance of staying apprised of contemporary studies, reports, and best practices related to teaching and learning. Here are some of the latest publications of interest.


McKinsey Report - September 2010, "Closing the Talent Gap: Attracting and Retaining Top-Third Graduates to Careers in Teaching," The McKinsey & Company, a research firm, reviews the experiences of the top-performing systems in the world-- Singapore, Finland, and South Korea. These countries recruit, develop, and retain the leading academic talent as one of their central education strategies, and they have achieved extraordinary results. The report also includes new market research with nearly 1,500 current top-third students and teachers.


Social and Character Development Research Program Report - October 2010, "Efficacy of Schoolwide Programs to Promote Social and Character Development and Reduce Problem Behavior in Elementary School Children"  provides the results from the evaluation of the seven SACD programs carried out by independent research firm Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. The report includes three key findings: 1) the seven SACD programs increased the reported implementation of classroom activities intended to increase students' social and character development, 2) the control schools also reported the use of a variety of activities intended to increase students' social and character development as "standard practice" but not at the same levels as the treatment schools, and 3) there were no differences in students' social and emotional competence, behaviors, academic performance, or perceptions of school climate between students in schools implementing one of the seven SACD programs and those in the control schools.