Bethel Park

Federation of Teachers


Who We Are

The Bethel Park Federation of Teachers is the local chapter of the American Federation of Teachers-Pennsylvania, American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO Local #1607.   Our membership includes professional faculty, in association with units of paraprofessional, instructional aides, and secretaries.


We are more than 500  members strong today.  Since our formation we have sought to improve the quality of education through advocacy, community outreach, dialogue, and collective bargaining.  Providing the very best teaching and learning for the Bethel Park community is our goal.  This means ensuring fair and equitable working conditions, which in turn help our students achieve their potential.  Our children's success is our success.




  • To promote the welfare of the children of the community and provide an educational atmosphere and programs which will equip them to make their way into society.


  • To raise the standards of the teaching profession by securing and maintaining the conditions essential to the best professional service.


  • To bring the associations of professional, secretarial and paraprofessionals into relations of mutual assistance and cooperation.


  • To obtain for membership the rights, privileges, and remuneration which they deserve.